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Model: MCOM601LoRA (RF Based MODEM)

Name: MCOM601LoRA (4DI+4AI+2DO+RS485/232)

Category: Wireless Lora Gateway

Discription: The MCOM601LoRA is a LoRa based wireless MODEM with RS-232/RS-485 and 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 4 analog inputs. MCOM601LoRA is an updated model of MCOM600RF with a LoRA and 10km range. It runs of frequency band 868 MHz radio that can be used to convert data from an RS-232/RS-485 device to an LoRA message that can then be transmitted in transparent mode as well as intelligent mode via the 868 MHz ISM frequency band. The MCOM601LoRA provides a maximum line of sight (LOS) transmission distance of 10000 meters (10 km) at a LoRA Baud Rate of 9600 bps. In order to overcome the interference that may be encountered in harsh environments, the MCOM601LoRA allows the LoRA transmission Baud Rate to be configured to a minimum of 650 bps, enhancing the capability of the modem to resist noise and other interference. The majority of these configuration parameters can be adjusted using a serial port, thereby providing a simple method of maintaining the system if the modem needs to be replaced.

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·        166dB maximum link budget.

·        +27 dBm output power @169/868/915 MHz band.

·        Programmable bit rate up to 300 kbps.

·        High sensitivity: down to -136dBm.

·        Low RX current of 13mA.

·        FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRaTM and OOK modulation.

·        Built-in bit synchronizer for clock recovery.

·        Automatic RF Sense and CAD with ultra-fast AFC.

·        Packet engine up to 256 bytes with CRC.

·        4 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs And 4 Analog Inputs

·        Wireless line of sight (LOS) transmission range of up to 2000 meters at an LoRA Baud Rate of 9600 bps

·        Transparent and Intelligent transmission modes

·        Provides Baud Rates from 1200 to 115200 bps for the RS-232/RS-485 interfaces

LoRA Interface


Radio Frequency

868 MHz to 915 MHz

Baud Rate

115200 bps, 38400 bps, 19200 bps, 650 bps

Transmission Power


Transmission Distance (LoS)

10 km ( at 19200 bps RF Rate)


Transparent and Intelligent transmit

Temporary Buffer Size

512 Bytes


Serial Port

COM Port Interface

COM Port

RS-232 × 1, RS-485 × 1

I/O Ports

4xDI, 4xAI, 2xDO

Baud Rate (bps)

1200 ~ 115200

LED Indicators

RF_Tx / RF_Rx / PWR

Green / Yellow / Red

EMS Protection


±4 kV Contact


±1 kV


±1 kV


Input Voltage Range

+10 VDC ~ +30 VDC

Power Consumption

1 W (Max.)


Dimensions (L x W x H)

110 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm ( not including antenna )




Operating Temperature

-25 ~ +85°C

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ +80°C

Relative Humidity

0 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing

·        Long Range system                                        

·        Meter Reading                                                          

·        Wireless data collection

·        Automobile security system

·        Home automation and security system

·        Industrial Automation

·        Pump Automation

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