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    Data Logger is a self contained unit, that does not require a host to operate. Data loggers have a distinct advantage over conventional interface devices, in that they operate in this stand-alone mode, and yet have the capability to “dump” or transfer the data to a host system, if required. Most data loggers have the ability to work similarly to standard recorders, in that they provide the user with a hard copy printout of the data recorded. This data can be immediately analyzed for trends, or stored for historical archive purposes. Data loggers can also monitor for alarm conditions, while recording a minimum number of samples, for economy. If the recording is of a stead-state nature, without rapid changes, the user may go through rolls of paper, without seeing a single change in the input. When this happens, the event will be recorded and any outputs will be activated, even if the event occurs in between sample times. A record of all significant conditions and events is generated using a minimum of recording hard copy.

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