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Vehicle Tracking System allows the Department to track, trace and monitor their vehicles in real time using GSM / GPRS technology.
It sends the location address, Ignition status, Fuel status, Battery Power status and AC ON/OFF Status to a central server at every 10 seconds.
It also sends alerts whenever an exceptional event has occurred such as erratic vehicle movements, excessive speeding ,changes in fuel level etc.

Power Supply 12 – 30V.
Rechargeable Backup Battery.
Sufficient number of LEDs.
Antennas: GPS & GSM inbuilt antennas.
RS232 serial interfaces.
GSM/GPRS: Unit shall have quad-band GSM/GPRS module with EDGE capability which can operate in the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz band.
The device fitted in the vehicle has a built in GPS receiver determines the vehicle location, traveling speed, direction etc.
The device sends the data via GSM / GPRS wireless network.
If there is no network coverage,the data is stored locally and sends when the network is established.
Managers can generate reports of travel distance, running duration ,stoppage duration,fuel status,analyze data,replay the route travelled by the vehicle on a map for efficient management of vehicles.
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